svnversion fails on file externals?

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svnversion fails on file externals?

Treml, Ulrich



Please have a look on this example:

Local “num_rHEAD.c” is a file external pointing to the remote number.c.


I get this output:

trunk\src>svnversion num_rHEAD.c

Uncommitted local addition, copy or move


“svn info” seems to work better:

trunk\src>svn info num_rHEAD.c

Path: num_rHEAD.c

Name: num_rHEAD.c

Working Copy Root Path: D:\SVN_Test\wc\calc_alles

URL: file:///D:/SVN_Test/Repo/calc/trunk/src/number.c

Relative URL: ^/trunk/src/number.c

Repository Root: file:///D:/SVN_Test/Repo/calc

Repository UUID: 5d1387aa-6e71-0c41-99ce-095a1455d715

Revision: 529

Node Kind: file


Best Regards