svndumpfilter not dropping empty revisions

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svndumpfilter not dropping empty revisions

Steven Barbaglia

svndumpfilter is not quite aggressive enough in dropping insignificant commits as shown in the following sample.


$ svndumpfilter --version

svndumpfilter, version 1.10.0 (r1784492)

   compiled Mar 22 2017, 19:02:41 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu


$ cat sample.dump

SVN-fs-dump-format-version: 3


UUID: d3321e12-171b-46ef-8253-cae8004b8185


Revision-number: 0

Prop-content-length: 56

Content-length: 56


K 8


V 27




Revision-number: 1

Prop-content-length: 10

Content-length: 10




Revision-number: 2

Prop-content-length: 10

Content-length: 10




Revision-number: 3

Prop-content-length: 10

Content-length: 10




Revision-number: 4

Prop-content-length: 98

Content-length: 98


K 10


V 4


K 8


V 27


K 7


V 0





$ svndumpfilter --drop-empty-revs --renumber-revs include / < sample.dump > filtered.dump

Including (and dropping empty revisions for) prefixes:



Revision 0 committed as 0.

Revision 1 committed as 1.

Revision 2 committed as 2.

Revision 3 committed as 3.

Revision 4 committed as 4.


Revisions renumbered as follows:

   4 => 4

   3 => 3

   2 => 2

   1 => 1

   0 => 0





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