phantom locking issues - 403 Forbidden

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phantom locking issues - 403 Forbidden

William Muriithi

I have a locking issue that show up as follows:

On the SVN client:
Error: Unlock for FileABC.OLB failed (403 Forbidden)
Error: If you want to break the lock, use the "Check For Modification"
dialog or the repository browser

On the SVN server:
[Tue Mar 07 16:32:35 2017] [error] [client] Access
denied: 'waqar' LOCK

When I used the command below, it failed with the message file now locked.

svn unlock --force

I then ssh to the SVN server and attempted to search for the lock.

 svnadmin lslocks /var/svn/projects | grep -B 6 FileABC.OLB

This came back with no match.  At this point, I got lost.  What would
I be missing?  A bit of background, the issue started because for a
day, I had started to use kerberos for authentication that introduced
a different user for every uid.  Rolling back the change hasn't helped

Any pointer on how to investigate further?