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by Bo Berglund
The development mailing list for Subversion. Non-development questions should be posted to 'users' instead; that includes build problems, configuration issues, etc, as well as usage questions. 22182 99500
by Yasuhito FUTATSUKI-2
SVNKit is a pure Java Subversion client library. SVNKit was formerly known as JavaSVN. 1556 5232
by svnkituser
Low traffic list: only occasional announcements about Subversion releases go here. Please DO NOT POST to this list unless it's an announcement. (The list is moderated anyway, so your post will not go through unless it's a legitimate announcement.) 138 174
by Evgeny Kotkov-2
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by kite
A mailing list for use and development of the tool -- an add-on tool for Subversion. is a tool for automatic branch management. It allows branch maintainers to merge changes from and to their branch very easily, and automatically records which changes were already merged. This allows displaying an always updated list of changes yet to be merged, and totally prevents merge mistakes (such as merging the same change twice).

You can think of svnmerge as the equivalent of yellow sticky notes on a Subversion branch that record which revisions have been merged in already from one or more other branches, plus some useful functionality for viewing, managing and updating that information.
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by Kamal Ahmed