Subversion 1.6 merge issue: use of authz

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Subversion 1.6 merge issue: use of authz

Sunil Gandhi

We are moving from vss to  subversion 1.6.

One of the requirement I have to restrict viewing of a file structure based
on users (clients)

In the authz file for the repository, I created structure as below

ow = ow1
abc = abc1
def = def1

@ow = rw

@ow = rw
@abc = rw

@ow = rw
@def = rw


'ow' is internal user group having visibility to everything. This way I restricted 'abc' users from viewing other than

This works fine. But when I tried doing a merge on as ow user (any where in project) I get error as

svn: Unreadable path encountered; access denied

However if I don't  use authorization (by commenting  line 'authz-db = authz' in svnserve.conf file)  or modify authz file as

*= rw

I can merge.

It it a bug in 1.6 or I am doing something wrong.
I need to fix this as soon as possible as delivery of project depends on
Could you please give me some guide lines.


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