Subsyncit - file sync that uses Subversion as a backend.

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Subsyncit - file sync that uses Subversion as a backend.

Paul Hammant-3

If you're prepared to make a few additions to httpd.conf you get running with this Python3 technology to do file-sync using Subversion as the backing store.  It doesn't require any client side Subversion install, but does Python and some pips. At least up until I make an installer.

And I've yet to make a Window-tray or Mac-menu icon thingamy like every other background app does. Meaning this is still beta quality, really - but it does its business and doesn't eat all available CPU.

I'm hoping to integrate with various other applications/services. Trello, Slack, etc. That would be for workflow-ish functionality.  Fred assigns something to Wilma in Trello by changing the 'assigned to' aspect of a card, and a few seconds later it appears on her C: drive. A spreadsheet say.

I've tested it with both Assembla's and RhodeCode's Subversion platforms.  I've also tested it with a bunch of my own Subversion deployments. One - a $10 Pi Zero W with a $70 200GB SdCard in it. Another a EC2 deployment of Subversion/Apache2.


- Paul