Subcommander 0.9.0 released.

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Subcommander 0.9.0 released.

Martin Hauner
a x-platform Win32/Unix Subversion gui (qt) client & text diff/merge tool.

Subcommander 0.9.0 is ready and available from:

Sources Archives (Unix/Linux,Win32):

Win32 Binaries:

Documentation (pdf):


Subcommander Version 0.9.0 (released 26 April 2005, tags/0.9.0)

[based on subversion 1.1 api]


* new: [Issue 15], cleanup a working copy path.
* new: [Issue 18], export a working copy or a repository url.
* new: [Issue 17], import a local directory tree into a repository.
* new: [Issue 35], move/copy multiple working copy files in one step (all
selected items).
* changed: [Issue 34], don't show deleted folders in the project folders
* changed: allow blame only on versioned files.
* fixed: [Issue 38], don't crash in the project settings when adding and
deleting working copies.
* fixed: new projects did not get a unique sort position resulting in a
confused project sort order.
(you may check that all project.<X>.sortpos entries in the sc.ini file
have different values).


* changed: no longer save a merged file with a '.merged' extension.
* fixed: [Issue 29], save a merged file in the same encoding as the source
* fixed: don't crash on 'positioning' keys like page up, page down, pos etc.
* fixed: editing and cursor movement was broken for the first and the last
* fixed: [Issue 36], cursor movement and text highlighting was not working
for proportional characters (like japanese characters). submerge can now
handle proportional fonts.
* fixed: sometimes the file display was confused and showed several text
lines twice at different places.


a x-platform Win32/Unix svn gui (qt) client & a text diff/merge tool.

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