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Re: svn commit: r1849833 - /subversion/trunk/doc/doxygen.conf

Branko Čibej
On 28.12.2018 11:12, [hidden email] wrote:

> Author: brane
> Date: Fri Dec 28 10:12:27 2018
> New Revision: 1849833
> URL:
> Log:
> Tweak our Doxygen configuration to include SVN++ documentation.
> * doc/doxygen.conf
>   (FULL_PATH_NAMES): Set to YES to generate more helpful file links.
>   (STRIP_FROM_PATH, STRIP_FROM_INC_PATH): Add relevant path segments.
>   (INPUT): Add the SVN++ include paths.
>   (FILE_PATTERNS): Add *.hpp.

I had considered using a separate Doxygen run to generate the SVN++
documentation, but I think this way is actually better, because it
allows cross-referencing from SVN++ docs to the C-API docs.

-- Brane

P.S.: I don't consider the C++ API as "bindings" and I think we should
move it from subversion/bindings/cxx to subversion/svnxx, and its public
include files to subverison/include/svnxx, but that's a topic for a
different thread.