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Re: A tiny issue that someone might want to fix for rc2

Julian Foad
Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> On Apr 21, 2005, at 11:26 AM, Tobias Ringstr?m wrote:
>> I just noticed that the help texts for svn lock and unlock are missing
>> a usage line for the URL case. See e.g. svn help mkdir for how it
>> should be done.

We only present the two cases separately when giving a separate description of

> 'svn help lock' and 'svn help unlock' clearly state "path or URL"...
> $ svn help unlock
> unlock: Unlock working copy paths or URLs.
> usage: unlock PATH...

Yes, but we (should) say "TARGET" when we mean "path or URL".

Fixed in r14464.

> Maybe we need to show both cases separately, like 'svn help propset',
> 'svn help export', and so on?

Yes, an explanation of the difference would be a good enhancement.

Also, clearer distiction betweeen these locks and WC locks needs to be made in
the help - e.g. in the description of "svn status" code "L".

>    'svn help info' isn't quite consistent

Fixed (changed "PATH" to "TARGET") in r14464.

It said "info [PATH...]" and "each PATH", implying that multiple arguments are
accepted.  In fact it only displays info about the first argument.  We should
fix this: either complain if more than one argument is given, and fix the help;
or else operate on multiple targets if that is desired.

> either.  And 'svn help cat' is just like lock and unlock.  

Except that it correctly says "TARGET".

> 'svn ls' isn't quite the same.

But it's fine.

> Maybe we need some general consistification for all help-texts for
> commands that work on both wcpaths and URLs....?

It's not bad after this fix.

- Julian

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