[PATCH] meta-data-versioning for 1.2.0rc2

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[PATCH] meta-data-versioning for 1.2.0rc2

Ph. Marek
Hello everybody!

Here's an updated patch-set for 1.2.0rc2.

This set of patches allows versioning of modification date,
owner, group, and unix-mode (permissions) for files and directories.

You can apply:
- escape-seq: allows use of \n, \r, \???, \x?? in the config file.
- dir-auto-props: see discussion at http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=subversion-dev&m=111175371732265&w=2
  issue with example is at http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=1989
  This patch needs escape-seq to be useful.
- owner-group-mode: versioning of the meta-data-properties (including mtime)
  see http://svn.collab.net/viewcvs/svn/branches/meta-data-versioning/README.TXT?view=markup
- The "complete"-patch has all of the above in one patch -
  so don't apply the others when using this one.

I did a "make check CLEANUP=true FS_TYPE=fsfs" for the complete patch and
found some small issues, which I'll try to address soon. (Volunteers wanted!)

Questions, remarks etc. please to [hidden email] with cc to me.



ad00d1e131dc29e72bbc7865de6adff9  complete_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz
3b95792884373f13fa85b23cfc846536  dir-auto-props_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz
5ea0ae243221a78decc1aa8b9cf6d05f  escape-seq_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz
423dceb3993741557003778a4d4a5dd2  owner-group-mode_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz

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complete_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz (15K) Download Attachment
escape-seq_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz (2K) Download Attachment
owner-group-mode_svn1.2.0rc2.patch.gz (10K) Download Attachment
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