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Minor Python bindings/API question

Jens Christian Restemeier-2


I’m trying to use the python-swig bindings to copy the log entries of our repository into a database for indexing and cross referencing. There is one minor problem: The callback seems to be called a few times with invalid log entries:

(-1L, {}, None)

That is obviously easy to filter out, and there don’t seem to be any gaps in the revisions. I’m just wondering if this points to repository problems, or if these are just side effects of the database schema or API. Is it possible that these are failed transactions?


  • Debian 3.16.39-1+deb8u2
  • svn, version 1.9.5 (r1770682)



start = svn.core.svn_opt_revision_t()

start.kind = svn.core.svn_opt_revision_number

start.value.number = startRev


end = svn.core.svn_opt_revision_t()

end.kind = svn.core.svn_opt_revision_head


revision_range = svn.core.svn_opt_revision_range_t()

revision_range.start = start

revision_range.end = end


limit = 0

discover_changed_paths = True

strict_node_history = True

include_merged_revisions = True

revprops = None


svn.client.log5(targets, end, (revision_range,), limit, discover_changed_paths, strict_node_history, include_merged_revisions, revprops, _receiver_callback, ctx)