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Fwd: svn commit: r1803899 - in /subversion/trunk/subversion: libsvn_ra_serf/ libsvn_subr/ mod_dav_svn/

Evgeny Kotkov
Evgeny Kotkov <[hidden email]> writes:

> Add 'http-compression=auto' mode on the client, now used by default.
> Following up on the recently added support for LZ4 compression, this patch
> introduces the new possible 'auto' mode for our client 'http-compression'
> configuration option, and starts using it by default.
> The previously used default was 'http-compression=yes', and the new 'auto'
> mode is a small, but an important tweak to its behavior.  In the new mode,
> the HTTP compression is still being used, but the negotiating is tweaked
> to favor svndiff2 with LZ4 compression when working over local networks.
> The reasoning behind this is that for local networks it probably makes sense
> to favor compression speed of LZ4 instead of the better compression ratio
> from zlib-5, which has been used previously.
> To separate local and wide area networks, we use the connection latency of
> the initial OPTIONS request obtained with serf_connection_get_latency().

Hi all,

This patch changes the default on-the-wire format to svndiff2 / LZ4 in
some of the configurations.

Changing the LZ4-related defaults hasn't been explicitly discussed on the
list yet, so I plan to start a thread on this in short time.

Evgeny Kotkov