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E210008:Error while replaying commit

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I also met the problem Error while replaying the commit, some libraries with the following the same steps is no problem, but some libraries will quote this wrong, I don't know why, the trouble you had solved the answer, thank you
My steps
1, the script aapost - commit. Bat to SVN master server corresponding hooks file of the project,
For example: \ \ \ d $\ SVN \ c3m - video \ hooks

"C: \ Program Files \ Subversion (x86) \ bin \ svnsync exe" sync - non -interactive
SVN: / / / c3m - video - the username admin password cmadmin

Change the following line of backup server IP and project name

2, the script to Svn Start Server. Bat placed with Svn files in the backup Server directory
Svnserve - d - r e: \ SVN modify the corresponding storage drive

3, the script to the pre - revprop - change. Bat placed in the hooks of the backup server corresponding project folder.

Such as:\ \ \ d $\ SVN \ c3m - video \ hooks

Second, the operation command (on the backup server operation)

1, connect svnsync init SVN: / / / C3M - EMS SVN: / / / C3M - EMS

2, synchronous svnsync sync SVN: / / MVSS - username admin - password cmadmin

The main service is Windows 2008 R2 sever, backup server is a Windows 2008 R2 sever
SVN service version of the Setup - Subversion 1.7.4. -