Checksum mismatch with 1.9.7

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Checksum mismatch with 1.9.7

Michael Knigge-2

[At First: I've sent this post yesterday evening - but I guess it got loste somewhere because I can not see this in the mail archive - sorry if I post it double....]

Hi all,

I have a rather strange issue with Subversion 1.9.7 and I hope someone of you can bring me in the right direction. I'm not able to load a dump and/or svnsync to a new Subversion in version 1.9.7.

I've created a dump on a server running 1.8.19 and then I've tried to load it on a 1.9.7 machine. I get this error:

svnadmin: E160004: Filesystem is corrupt
svnadmin: E200014: Checksum mismatch while reading representation:
   expected:  3168c2eb460868be4ec2e1a62084d80f
     actual:  67178f4abfbb0b876a260142c15f645b

I also get this error when i run "svnadmin load" with the "-M 0" trick... On another machine running Subversion 1.8.10 I can load the dump. So I assume the dump is ok (furthermore, a "svnadmin verify" on the 1.8.19 server also runs successfully). Note that I was able to export the file from this revision (with TortoiseSVN on Windows) and the checksum is 3168c2eb460868be4ec2e1a62084d80f - so the "expected" checksum in the dump is the right one.

Ok, I was not able load load the dump - so I tried svnsync. On the same revision, the svnsync also stops:

svnsync: E160000: SHA1 of reps '51384 62 16385 20282 3168c2eb460868be4ec2e1a62084d80f cc1652eaf2ef8cb91769dc4fea2d327413548c3e 51384-13nc/_21' and '-1 0 934 20282 3168c2eb460868be4ec2e1a62084d80f cc1652eaf2ef8cb91769dc4fea2d327413548c3e 51384-13nc/_21' matches (cc1652eaf2ef8cb91769dc4fea2d327413548c3e) but contents differ

I've searched the Mailing-List archive and came across other people having problems like this (but for them "-M 0" did the trick). Sadly, not for me....

Ok... what now? Is there a bug in 1.9.7? Or is Subversion on the server side too old? Any ideas?

I guess I can get around this if I sync my repository on a Subversion 1.8.10 release, tar it and transfer it to the "right" destination machine running 1.9.7.... (why I don't just copy the original repository? We want to set up a live mirror using svnsync...)

But I'm fairly interested why I have this problems running 1.9.7 and what is the right way around it...

Bye & Thanks,

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Re: Checksum mismatch with 1.9.7

Daniel Shahaf-2
Michael Knigge wrote on Sat, Dec 09, 2017 at 17:41:56 +0100:
> But I'm fairly interested why I have this problems running 1.9.7 and what is
> the right way around it...

How about:

- dump the 1.8.19 repository
- change the offending checksums to all-zeroes.  (Dumpfiles are a binary format
  so make sure your editor doesn't munge whitespace; if in doubt, use sed.)
- load the edited dumpfile into 1.9.7
- dump the 1.9.7 repository
- diff the two dumpfiles and check whether there are any differences besides
  the expected difference in the Text-content-sha1 header.

This should at least get your migration done safely.  I'll let others comment
on what caused the warning.